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  • age 18 – 36 for aplicants  Work and travel program 2009
  •  knowledge of the comunicative english language, spanish is an advantage
    Process of aplying


Aplication Process

  • Every applicant must give at least 1 reference from previous employer in English, if you don't have reference in writing, you can give just name of place, where you have been working and contact for English speaking person, who can give the referencies.
  • 1 passport photo and 1 whole body photo.
  • Scanned passport or Identity Card
  • Give contact and the earlist date, when you can leave your country
  • Very important is also detailed description of your job experience
  • Write your name, surname and position name into Subject
  • Some employers my require health examination and rap sheet statement (this will be demanded if you will be hiredfor the job, so ewe will inform you in advance).
  • As soon as you receive your complete Application form, we will send it to  potential emploaer and we will inform you regularly about your aplication progress.
  • Please, be aware, that as soon as you send your application, you llow AJOB agency the right to find out and use yourdeclared information  during communication with employer and he may  on basis of these information contact you, to make an interview with you.
  • As soon as your employer confirm you to our agency as an accepted one for certain working position, we will send you job offer with conditions, details, salary, accomodationn, days off etc.

Job offers

you may find actual vacancies in section Jobs. 

  • Receptionist
  • Hostess
  • Chambermaid/ Housekeeping
  • Help in kitchen
  • Cook, Chef,  Cook help
  • Driver
  • Aerobics instructors
  • Barman
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • SPA workers,...
  • Jobs in factory
  • Gastronomy

How does look like a working program in a factories?

You must pay for transport to the factory destination for your own. We can arrange group departures from the Czech and Slovak Republic. When you arrive someone who will provide accomodation will wait for you and take you to the accomodation place. Transportation to job depends on distance of accomodation from the factory. In some case you can go by city transport, or the transportation is ensured by the emploaer.  The firt salary is after 14 days and then every week – by cheque or to current account, which you open in England.

Every house is equipped by basic appliences. You must bring because of hygienics your own sleeping bag or you can buy everything you need in England from your emploer. Some employers do it automaticly.




minimal: 7 EUR/ hod

basic working hours: 8 EUR/ hod
overtimes: 9 EUR / hod


Pracovní doba a doba pracovního volna

Pracovní doba se pohybuje od 40 hodin do 48 hodin / týden + placená 30 minutová přestávka během směny.
První výplata je po 2 týdnech, potom každý týden.

Working hours and days off

Average working hours are 8-10 hours per day and it depends on working position. The usual working hours are 8 hours per day. This means 40 - 48 hours per week + paid 30 minutes long brake.
The first


Accomodation is provited by the employer - price 66 EUR per week (it is taken from you salary and reverse deposit 66 EUR.
Accomodation is ensured at houses - 4 persons / apartment, 2 persons / room


Travelling expenses

Price of the traveling is taken from you salary.
Price  of the traveling is not involved in the assistance charge. We will hepl you with planning the way to the place of your job.
Price of the transport is not ilvoved in the assistance charge. We will hepl you with planning. The best is to go by bus or by plane. 


Assistance charge

Assistance charge of our agency is  6. 900 CZK (aproximetely 1CZE=32GBP, 215GBP). This charge is paid only onceand it is payable on signature of brokerage contarct  before travelling away to abroad.
Assistance charge incudes: communication with employer, documentation, arrangement of working place, transport assistance,help in crisis which can occure during whole working programme, assistance while dealing with offices, and so on.


Every applicant must ensure his travel insurance in his own land.


Visa and working permits 

You will be employed through an english company, because of this you must pay home office - this is a registration at the offices in the UK. The registration costs 90 GBP and it will be taken from you salary in three amounts of money ( 30 GBP 3rd sallary, 30 GBP 4th sallary, 30 GBP 5th sallary). If you have been already working in the UK you have the home office already paid. So it is not necessary to pay it again. The registation will be renewed.   


Additional information

For any further information about this working programme don't hesitate and contact AJOB agency.