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Modalitati de a obtine un loc de munca in strainatate

Modalităţile de a obţine un loc de muncă în străinătate: 1. prin intermediul Oficiului pentru Migraţia Forţei de Muncă, 2. prin...

The advantage of living abroad

    A temporary staying abroad can be very contributive because of many reasons: it brings a real change in living conditions, a new personal...

Preparing for an interview

        1. Do your research about the company Never walk into an interview without knowing about the products and services...

Study english in Prague

Keeping It in Czech By Christopher Ott Tens of thousands of Americans have made the capital of the Czech Republic their home. If you haven’t already...

The Key Employers

"The employment resources in this section represent a broad spectrum of opportunities; while most are short-term or summer jobs, some are for a minimum of a...

Work abroad, mainly in UK

      Work in EU   The right for a life, work and for study in another lands of EU below to every citizian of EU and it belows...



Farms in the UK

Hi! My name is Anny and I was working in the farm in UK. Your agency helped me with choosing the best possibility for me. I'm really glad, that I decided to...

I was working in a camp

  I found work in Greece thanks to you agency.   I was working in Naxos in Naxos camping, where I was giving information about accomodation to the...

How you can get job in UK

In previous years it was quite difficult to find a job in England, so the easiest way how to start working there was to became an au-pair. The usual au-pair...

Work in England

  I came for a job to England with my friend. I must say, I was very satisfy. Before I left I had contacted a Galaxys agency, which helped me with...

Waiter job in Spain

I worked as a waitress in Spain. I got the contacts from Galaxys agency. It was great job in cosy restaurant in Mallorca. I had 2 month working permit, but I...